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  • One pump for any air conditioner up to 20 kW. Sauermann patented technology inside, specifically designed for discharging condensates from air conditioning systems. Unequalled operating sound level, < 20 dBA, whatever the volume of condensates being discharged. Unmatched sound level : < 20 dBA Proven reliability, High performance, Energy saving

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  • Mono block centrifugal pump (500 l/h) suitable for lifting charged, high temperature (80°C) and acid (pH > 3.4) condensates from gas condensing boilers and air conditioning and refrigeration units. Tank 0.5 l. High discharge head, High performance, Compact, High flow rate, Safety switch

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  • Sauermann SI1850 Mono Block Centrifugal 4L Tank Pump combine power and high flow rates (1100 l/h). It is recommended for lifting heavy, charged, high temperature (87°C) and acid (pH > 3.4) condensates, from gas condensing boilers, air conditioning and industrial refrigeration units.

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  • Peristaltic pumps* help lift charged condensates. Among the most compact on the market, they combine silence with a practical and clever design : detachable and replaceable head and tube = optimised maintenance and cost.

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  • The EC-400 is a complete pumping system designed to remove condensation from wall mounted, ceiling and coil split-system air conditioning equipment when gravity drainage is not possible. Compact design allows installation in most split-systems.

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  • High performance pump suitable for air-conditioning units above 20 kW and up to 30 kW. - New sauermann inside technology that can be used in any kind of environment. - The high performance and high flow rate reduces run time and energy consumption. Proven reliability, Exceptional performances, Energy saving, Easy to install

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  • The Si-82 pump is designed to be easily installed whatever the layout of the premises. Capable of evacuating up to 500 l/h, the Si-82 pump is suitable for air conditioning units and industrial refrigeration displays. Strong, the Si-82 tolerates charged, high temperature and acidic condensates (pH>2.5) produced by gas condensing boilers.

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  • Designed for oil condensing boilers, the SI 1830 can handle very acidic and high temperature condensates. Placed in a waterproof case (IPX4), the pump is protected from water splashes and acidic fumes. Thanks to its compact design, the SI 1830 can easily fit where space is restricted.

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  • The PE5100 operates by detecting a 6°C temperature change via two temperature probes located in the air on and air off position. * These pumps must not operate continuously. Small size, Large discharge head, Very silent operation, Replaceable head and tube, < 30dBA

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  • Highly resistance to pollution created by general environment. Quiet in operation. Unmatched reliability, Easy plug in electrical connection, Low sound level : 23dBA, Energy saving

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  • The economy option in 2 litre tank pumps, this high value, low cost centrifugal pump is designed to remove condensate water from air conditioners, refrigeration equipment and de-humidifiers. This model does not have the safety switch.

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  • Ideal for wall, floor, ceiling or cassette air conditioning units up to 12kW. The control mechanism is a temperature sensor.

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